VegasLowRoller is a YouTube channel from the United States with more than 245,000 subscribers. He was born in Lebanon but later he moved to Las Vegas, where he began his low-roller gambling. He actually learned gambling from his father. It began 11 years ago and currently has 2658 videos uploaded. It has distributed 2,667 recordings which altogether amount to more than 200.9 million perspectives. Each month, VegasLowRoller makes an average of 49 new videos.

As of April 2023, VegasLowRoller, an American YouTube channel, has a $1 million fortune. Apart from youtube gambler, he is also a PR Consultant and was also the producer of the online game Fallen Age

VegasLowRoller Net Worth

Vegas Low Roller is a prominent gambler based in Las Vegas who focuses on gambling with low to medium stakes. He shares his tips on wagering and furthermore, consistently, shares his triumphant tickets on the channel. The man’s real name is Daniel, despite the brand name Vegas Low Roller (VLR). The YouTube channel that Daniel started in 2011 has seen tremendous growth, with more than 133 million video views.


As many of his personal details like family, siblings, and age are not known because of very less knowledge of him on the internet but we may assume that he is in his mid 40’s. that too because he revealed some of his details in a QNA session in 2017.

Real NameDaniel
Original City of BirthLebanon
CountryUnited States
Created12 Oct 2011
Sub count245.00K
Net Worth$1 Million
Youtube SinceOctober,2011

Audience Facts

VegasLowRoller had not had any significant change in views since January when the channel was getting on average 300.4k daily views.

Given below are the earning which are the estimation of his Youtube advertising revenue.

Today so far: $395

Yesterday: $557

Last 7 days: $3,940

Last month: $16,524

NOTE:- This pay is substantial for channel visits till Apr 05 and should be refreshed when channel information changes. The channel might have extra income streams, for example, supported content and item deals, that are not reflected in these figures.

VegasLowRoller channel’s current stats and earnings

We are going to provide you the stats for the last two weeks. The statistics for the past two weeks, broken down by days, are shown here.

  • During this time, the fewest daily views are 292.71K.
  • The highest daily views are 608.33K

Compared to the previous period, we have an average growth of 3.4% per week and 13.8% per month

VegasLowRoller LawSuit Update through FB

They said they are publishing the post so that everyone can understand the kind of persona they have been dealing with behind the scene for more than a year. I just had my lawyer draft and send this person a cease and desist. I’ll let other channels speak freely about their experiences. Scott Richter, I will not be pushed around.

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Social Media Links

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CountryUnited States
Created12 Oct 2011
Sub count245.00K


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What is the monthly income of VegasLowRoller?

He currently makes 9.72 K monthly.

How many subs does VegasLowRoller have?

VegasLowRoller has a 246,000 subscriber count.

When VegasLowRoller uploaded the first video?


How much does VegasLowRoller make per 1000 views?

VegasLowRoller makes around $1.21 per 1000 views.

What is VegasLowRoller’s net worth?

VegasLowRoller’s net worth in 2023 is $243K

How many video views does VegasLowRoller have?

a total of 200,648,684 video views


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