Being able to relax and enjoy drinks alone, as a couple, or with a group of friends is a pastime that has been enjoyed through the generations. The opportunity to reflect and catch up, and discuss plans always seems that little more interesting when in the right surroundings, as the ambience allows the mind to unwind. Indeed, many of the great ideas have been formulated while sitting with a drink and surveying the situation.

Whether a resident, or enjoying a leisure break, or perhaps visiting on business, Singapore is a wonderful place to be. A rich heritage and history are reflected, alongside some of the most modern shopping malls and world-class culinary experiences. Staying in a luxury hotel adds opulence and added quality, especially one that can provide some of the best bars in Singapore within it. But what should such a bar include to make it attractive to its patrons?


    • It is always nice when relaxing when the surroundings reflect their location, rather than just being of a generic nature. For instance, a good Singapore should offer a symphony of Asian flavours. They should allow the senses to be enlightened and imagination allowed to flow so that those sitting down become completely immersed and leave having had a wonderful time.
    • Having comfortable furnishings is important, otherwise those looking to have fun will soon find somewhere else that allows them to kick back as if they were at home. Astute craftsmanship and the right furnishings offering practicality and comfort should be appropriate so that wining and dining is fun but also easy. Perhaps, after an enjoyable evening out, the following morning might provide ways in which yoga can improve posture. 
    • The menu should be varied and include local delicacies, including fresh goods and seafood if located near a coast. It might have snacks for those who wish to have a substantial meal later, or indeed offer options that will fill a diner. Perhaps a bar located in a hotel might provide a breakfast buffet, a great way to load sustenance for a day at work or supply energy for those going out to enjoy the many sights that a vibrant city can provide.
    • The drinks menu should be able to cater for everyone, whether fruit juices are all that is required, right through to cocktails of the highest quality. Craft beers are all the rage at present, so a good selection will always be popular, while top-quality wines and spirits remain the choice of many. Maybe a bar might be sought after a visit to a national museum.
  • Those who want that little bit different might select a hotel with a beach club and bar, offering the chance to stretch out on a sun lounger and enjoy the open air, with a dip in the pool whenever the mood takes.

Relaxing, wining and dining at a bar which allows for total comfort with a warm welcome is the perfect place to unwind and make new friends, and even do business.


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